Hazardous Materials – What Warrants a Call to the Professionals?

What exactly is a hazardous material? Most people are unsure. When doing a renovation or a home project, it is easy to get carried away and not realize you are handling a hazardous material. Below Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss a few materials that are considered hazardous and that should only be removed by a professional hazardous material company.

• Mold Inspections and Removal

Mold has a way of hiding in dark and damp areas. Many times, people do not realize they have mold until it is visible. Once it is visible, it means you have a major mold problem that should be handled by a professional.

• Asbestos Inspections and Removal

If you are planning a remodel or other home project, it is important to first have an asbestos inspection. These inspections should be completed by a professional that is certified. Once asbestos is disturbed, it can make its way throughout your home on clothing and through your air ducts. Asbestos could be in your tile, roofing, wallpaper, and caulking.

• Lead Paint Testing and Removal

Lead was used in most paints, until it was found to cause mental and physical problems. Before you begin a home improvement project, you should have the home checked for lead paint. Lead paint should only be removed by certified hazardous material removal companies.

• Rat Infestation Cleanup and Removal

If you have rats, you need a hazardous materials removal company. Rats carry all types of diseases and they can infect you through their urine or feces. To keep your family safe, contact a professional. They will ensure the rats are completely removed from your home and that it is safe.
Above are just some of the hazardous materials you may encounter during a remodel. If you believe something is hazardous, never touch it. Instead, call a professional and ask! Never risk you or your families lives by guessing!

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