Hoarding situations can spiral quickly out of hand, causing an unhealthy living environment and one with many hazards. Hoarding stems from an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes people to stockpile items and form an emotional attachment, leading to never throwing any items away. Most hoarders live in these horrid conditions for years until the family steps in once the loved one pass. Hoarding causes fire hazards, tripping hazards, and health hazards, making it high on the list of hazardous living conditions. Colorado Hazardous Environmental takes hazardous material removal and hoarding very seriously and will ensure it is handled delicately and appropriately.

When Should I Call A Professional For Hoarding Cleanup?

If you have a hoarding situation, it is best never to attempt to clean up yourself. Hoarding conditions usually have mold, urine, feces, rodents, and other highly hazardous materials. As you can see, hoarding cleanup is severe and requires the proper equipment and licensing to remove certain hazardous materials from the property.

By hiring a professional hazardous materials removal company, you are ensuring the safety of everyone. Not only is there a danger of injury from so much trash and junk in a small area, but exposure to different types of hazardous materials that can cause severe illnesses. Mold can cause severe allergies and rashes in some people.

Sewage and bodily fluids can cause viruses and bacterial diseases, as can rodent urine and feces. Cat and dog feces and urine are also hazardous to your health. You never want to endanger your long-term or short-term health. Each hoarding situation is unique and requires different plans of action. Luckily, a hazardous materials removal company is well versed in hoarding cleanup and will ensure your hoarding cleanup is not only safe and secure but painless.