Thermal imaging is a very crucial part of mold inspections. Water stains are an easy way to determine if you have a leak or mold problem. However, once you see water stains or trace amounts of mold, the mold is already out of control. Professional mold removal companies have thermal imaging inspections that can find the smallest of water leaks and locate the mold and problem quickly.

Why Choose Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging can look through walls with its infrared technology. It creates pictures by using heat. This is one of the best ways to locate suspected water leaks or even mold. Thermal imaging can spot places where moisture is an issue. By doing so, you can prevent mold growth by handling the water intrusion before it gets out of hand. This not only prevents mold growth but can stop the structure of your home from rotting.

I Have Water Stains, what Should I do?

If you already have water stains and can see mold, you need a professional mold inspection. It is important to find where the mold is coming from and stop the water leak. Mold is hazardous to your health and can cause numerous respiratory problems. If you have water stains, thermal imaging isn’t out of the question. Thermal imaging will be able to find any more areas that have moisture. By doing so, you are staying on top of the game and preventing mold before it starts.

If you do have mold, never remove it yourself. Mold removal companies use specialized equipment and cleansers to remove mold safely. The only way to be sure that all the mold is removed is by allowing a professional to remove the mold and by using a thermal imaging device. If you think you have mold, call a professional immediately. Mold can grow quickly and spread throughout your home, making everyone in its path sick.