Asbestos testing isn’t new, testing for asbestos has been around for a while. Until recently, asbestos wasn’t considered to be a major problem. Now that people are becoming sick from asbestos-related illnesses, you are seeing more information in the media about this hazardous substance. Fibers composed of this mineral were used in many construction materials over the years. Asbestos fibers are tiny and cannot be seen. The only way to determine if your home has asbestos-containing materials is through testing. Tests are completed by a certified asbestos removal company like Colorado Hazardous Environmental.

When Should I Have My Home Tested?

Asbestos testing should be performed on all older homes and buildings. However, if you are wanting to demolish or remodel or otherwise possibly disturb any materials that could contain asbestos, you need an asbestos test. Asbestos testing should only be completed by a certified asbestos inspector. They will know what materials should be tested and will do a thorough inspection of your home. If your asbestos test comes back clear, you can carry on with your plans. However, if the test comes back that there is asbestos inside your home, you will need to make a plan with an asbestos removal company.

Can I Remove Asbestos Myself?

Asbestos should only be removed by professional and certified asbestos removal contractors. Asbestos is a highly hazardous mineral that can cause cancer and death. If it is not completely removed, you and your family can be exposed to asbestos. Certified asbestos professionals use special suits and equipment to safely remove and dispose of asbestos. Without the proper licenses you cannot dispose of asbestos legally. For the safety of you and your family, never try to remove asbestos. It is always crucial to contact a professional asbestos removal company for testing and removal.