With the heavy snows can come significant storm damages, but one is often overlooked. Heavy snows can cause water damages, but it can also cause major sewage problems on the interior and exterior of your property. With excessive snowmelt, your sewage can become clogged and overflow in other areas. Sewage not only smells terrible, but it can be hazardous to your health. Sewage is in fact the most contaminated classification of wastewater that can be found in a home.

Outdoor Sewage

If you have excess sewage overflowing outside your property, it is crucial that you keep everyone away from that area. Sewage contains viruses and bacteria that can make you incredibly ill. Never try to clean up or remove the sewage yourself. It is not only illegal to remove and dispose of sewage, but it can cause illnesses. You should always call a professional hazardous materials removal company such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental. We have the proper tools, equipment, and licenses to remove and dispose of sewage safely.

Indoor Sewage

If you have sewage backing up into your home, call a professional immediately. Even if the sewage does not smell or is of a clear color, it can still contain bacteria and viruses. Remove everyone from the area and never try to clean the sewage yourself. Sewage from snowmelt is just as dangerous as any other sewage disaster.
If you are experiencing a sewage emergency, don’t hesitate to call a professional. Sewage can cause significant damages to your home and health. Sewage can cause water damages that may result in mold growth and structural problems. This is especially the case if the sewage is not removed quickly and thoroughly. If any sewage is left behind it can be a hazard to your health and property. If you notice any odd smells or slow drains, never hesitate to call. This could prevent major sewage and water damages to your property!