Asbestos has become a word we all fear. It causes cancer and other severe illnesses. Lawsuits are happening right now regarding asbestos. Asbestos is said to be very harmful, but when do you call an asbestos professional? There are many times when you should contact an asbestos removal specialist, and we will talk about them in detail below.

Are you Purchasing a Home?

If you are purchasing a new home, you know all about the inspections that must be completed. Did you know the most commonly left out inspection is one for asbestos-containing materials? This is not a test or inspection that is generally required, so it is often overlooked. Before purchasing a new home, ask about an asbestos inspection. If one hasn’t been completed, ask that it be done before signing any papers. If the home has asbestos-containing materials, it could be a major cost to have it removed. In these cases, the owner of the home will either pay to have it removed or subtract the amount from your closing costs.

Do You Live in an Older Home?

Many older homes contain asbestos. If they were built before the late 80s, the home has asbestos-containing materials that should be removed by a professional. Asbestos fibers become dangerous when they break off from regular wear and tear. This is very common in older homes, and asbestos can easily expose your entire family. Have your holder home tested for asbestos.

Do You Know Your Home Contains Asbestos?

If you know for a fact that your home contains asbestos, you need an asbestos removal specialist. Never try to remove asbestos yourself. Asbestos fibers cannot be seen and can become ingested easily. The fibers can also get into your HVAC system and float to other areas of your home and expose everyone. Asbestos removal specialist uses respirators, suits, and equipment to safely contain the asbestos for removal. In many cities it is illegal to remove and dispose of asbestos without the proper licenses

Are You Wanting to Renovate Your Home?

Before completing any renovations or remodels, you should have the home checked for asbestos-containing materials. You will be disturbing materials that could contain asbestos. Once disturbed asbestos can spread easily and enter your body. Before any renovations, play it safe and have an asbestos test completed by a certified asbestos removal company.