Asbestos is all over the news and has become a major talking point. Colorado Hazardous Environmental gets asked a lot of questions about asbestos, but one of the main ones is this. Is it okay to leave the asbestos that is inside my home or business? You should always have asbestos removed from the property. Asbestos is very dangerous and can cause cancer and even death. Why would you ever want to leave it?

Asbestos removal isn’t cheap, but it is affordable. Most that ask the question does not have the funds to afford asbestos removal. As a certified and licensed hazardous materials removal company, we cannot tell you it is okay to leave the asbestos in place. However, if you need time to save up the money, then we can give you some tips about asbestos and the removal.

If the asbestos has not been disturbed and is not worn, it is safe for the time being. This does not mean that it will stay safe. Anything can happen and disturb the asbestos-containing materials. If the asbestos has been disturbed or it is broken or worn, then it needs to be removed as soon as possible. Asbestos fibers are microscopic; they can move through the property without you seeing them. You can ingest or inhale the fiber without knowing. That is what makes asbestos so dangerous. You don’t know that you have been exposed until decades later.

Asbestos should always be removed. However, in some cases, you can wait a short time before removal. The only way to know for sure is to have a certified asbestos and hazardous removal professional check the home or business. They will be able to determine the severity of your asbestos-containing materials. After an inspection, the certified hazardous material removal specialist will discuss options with you. From there you can pick the best option for you and your family!