With Fall and Winter on the way, it is no surprise that wild animals will begin to find shelter. Unfortunately, that place could be your property. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has the information you need to understand the dangers of rodents and other animals in your home and what you should do.
What are signs of rodents and other animals inside my home?


Rodents are great a hiding and being unnoticeable. However, the easiest way to tell is by rodent urine and feces. You will also hear scratching or scurrying in the walls or ceiling. Rodents will also tear into food and will most likely leave visible evidence inside your kitchen or other areas that may contain food. Rodents are looking for a safe and warm place to stay, but the food is also a main staying point. They will also tear up newspapers and other materials to make nests. Learn how to get rid of rats so the cleanup can begin.


Raccoons may be larger than mice, but they can still find their way into your home. Raccoons can squeeze into areas you never thought possible. They will hide in sheds, garages, basements, attics, and even inside your walls. Raccoons are nocturnal, so you will likely not see them. You will hear them scurrying around and will likely see a food trail, as well as, urine and feces. Raccoons can be quite stealthy.


Bats can live in your attic or smaller holes around your home. You will see bats around dusk leaving their nest. Bats can be vocal and will make noises when leaving the area. Bats are great for keeping insects away from your home, but they can also carry diseases.
The above animals are all known to carry different diseases. These diseases can be very hazardous to your family. If you hear strange noises during the night or have seen feces and urine, it is crucial that you call a certified hazardous cleanup company. They will be able to remove the pests, seal off the area, and clean the dangerous urine, feces, and nests. Never try to clean feces or urine without the right equipment, as it can carry harmful diseases. These pests can easily squeeze into small holes around your home. They can enter through cracks and even your fireplace.