Preventing Mold During the Winter Months

Check your Home Regularly

Winter can bring frozen pipes, water damages, and mold. Colorado Hazardous Environmental wants you to avoid mold growth this Winter, so we have some tips to ensure your home stays mold and water damage free! Below we will discuss a few things you can do to stop mold from growing.

Checking your home on a regular basis is important. Yes, you check the more common areas, but do you check your basement and attic? These areas can easily be overlooked, causing water to sit and for mold to develop.

Check the Humidity in your Home

The more humid your home is, the more likely you will have mold growth. It is important to keep proper ventilation in areas such as your kitchen and bathroom. These areas are the most likely to have mold growth. Your basement should also be checked, as it is dark and usually damp.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

If the weather is going to be colder than normal, you should ensure you are running water and have your heat turned on. This will prevent your pipes from freezing. If a pipe freezes, it can cause substantial water damages and future mold growth.

Call a Professional

If you do have water damages, it is important that you call a professional to remove the water. If water seeps into areas you cannot see, it will eventually cause mold growth. To avoid this problem, ensure all the water has been removed and that the damages have been repaired.
If you do encounter mold growth in your home, give us a call. It is essential to have a professional mold removal company to handle the removal. If all mold is not removed, then it will continue to spread. Our team will remove the mold and find the source of the mold growth!