Lead-based paint is still a concern for many homeowners. Lead poisoning is known to cause severe illness in young children and the elderly. Should you have a lead test? When is a good time? Colorado Hazardous Environmental gets a lot of questions like this. Below we will discuss the reasons you should have a lead test completed on your home. There is no time like the present to have a lead test administered on your home.

The Home is Older

Lead-based paint was banned in 1978. However, it was still used after that date, as many homeowners could have had gallons of lead paint sitting around. Even if your home has been remodeled, it still likely contains lead paint, as paint usually is not removed during a remodel. If your home is older, it is important to have it checked for lead paint.

You Have Children

Children can be severely affected by lead-based paint, especially if the exposure is long-term. Some symptoms include anemia, irritability, learning disorders, and even neurological problems. If you have young children in the home, it is crucial to have a lead test completed on your home. Children explore with their mouths, and they can easily ingest the lead paint.

You are Pregnant

If you are expecting, it is even more imperative than ever to get a lead test completed. Younger children are more likely to come in contact with lead paint, as they tend to explore with their mouths and may chew or bite where the lead paint is located.
Lead testing is as important as any other home test, as lead can cause illnesses and developmental problems. Having lead paint in your home is dangerous, schedule a lead test, it will ease your mind and ensure your children or safe from lead poisoning.