Crime scenes occur more regularly than we would all like to admit, but when they do occur at our homes or businesses, it becomes even more real. What do you do now that your property was the victim of a crime scene? Do you clean it up? Do you just move on as nothing happened? The answer is no. Crime scenes usually contain hazardous materials that should be removed by a licensed hazardous materials removal company.

Tear Gas and Pepper Spray

If tear gas or pepper spray were used in the property, you would need to have it removed professionally. Both tear gas and pepper spray are hazardous materials and can cause severe reactions if not handled properly. Never enter an area that has tear gas or pepper spray.

Blood or Other Pathogens

Crime scenes tend to have blood, needles, urine, and even feces. If this is the case, you never want to clean up these items yourself. Blood and other bodily fluids can carry diseases, bacteria, and viruses that may make you ill. Specific protocols must be followed when handling blood and bodily fluids. Always call a professional for cleanup.

Needles or Other Medical Equipment

If anyone needed medical care at the crime scene, there is a chance that needles and other emergency medical equipment were left behind. These items could hold viruses and bacteria that may be dangerous to your health. Never attempt to clean up needles or other used medical equipment.

If your property was the victim of a crime scene, it is in your best interest to call a professional such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental. They have the proper tools and equipment to clean the area and ensure it is safe!