Hazardous materials are abundant in the United States. From asbestos and lead to radon and pathogens, all hazardous materials have side effects and major illnesses that can stem from exposure. Below we will talk about some of the illnesses that can arise from hazardous material exposure.


Mold symptoms and illnesses are usually all respiratory-related. Mold affects your sinuses and lungs, causing many different symptoms. Some of those symptoms include:
• Watery and Red Eyes
• Coughing
• Sneezing
• Wheezing
• Allergies and Sinusitis


Lead poisoning is not as common as it once was, but the symptoms are all severe. From comas to death, lead poisoning is very dangerous. Some symptoms include:
• Behavioral Problems
• Cognitive Issues
• Fatigue
• Gastrointestinal Problems
• Numbness


Asbestos exposure is one of the most dangerous as it causes mesothelioma and lung cancer. Below are some of the common symptoms of asbestos exposure:
• Coughing and Wheezing
• Respiratory Illnesses
• Chest Pain
• Swelling


Chemicals cause different reactions in different people. From anaphylaxis shock to breathing problems, chemicals can cause a variety of symptoms, but the most common are the following:
• Skin rashes
• Chemical Burns
• Headaches
• Nervous System Disorders

As you can see, no one wants to be exposed to any hazardous material. All hazardous materials could result in dangerous illnesses that could lead to death. If you believe you have hazardous materials on your property, check with a hazardous materials removal company and see your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms. Some symptoms overlap with other hazardous materials, so it is hard to pinpoint the actual cause without a hazardous material professional checking the property. Hazardous materials should always be removed by professionals and should never be touched without the proper knowledge and equipment.