Hazardous materials removal can be costly, which leads to people attempting removal on their own. Not only is this an extreme health hazard, but it is also illegal. Certain types of hazardous materials require specific containers and licenses for removal and disposal. With that being said, there are laws and regulations on hazardous materials, which, if not followed by, can be costly. Fines and even jail time have occurred over illegal dumping of hazardous materials. Fines can be quite expensive, and the health problems that can occur are simply not worth removing hazardous materials. Always leave it to the trained professionals.

We often see people removing asbestos on their own. This is the riskiest, as exposure happens quickly, and the results are often deadly. Mesothelioma and other cancers are common from asbestos exposure, as are respiratory illnesses. If you leave any asbestos dust behind, it can expose your family, including your children. Some do get away with illegal dumping, but most don’t. Landfills require paperwork and licenses for these types of items, and they are often checked. If you are debating removing a hazardous material, call a professional. It is better for a professional to remove the hazardous material safely, ensuring your family is safe from any exposure or illnesses.

Fines and jail time are severe and can end up costing more than the original quoted price for legal hazardous material removal. Mold, lead, asbestos, sewage, and even rodents can cause severe illnesses. At Colorado Hazardous Environmental, our goal is the safety of our clients. We want to educate everyone on the dangers of hazardous materials and the reasons you should always contact a certified hazardous materials removal company. Our team has the proper equipment, suits, respirators, and containers for removal, sealing, and disposal.