Mold growth is a common occurrence in households across the United States. From poor ventilation to water damages, the reasons for mold growth are endless. At Colorado Hazardous Environmental, we want to educate you on mold growth and what could cause it to happen in your home. Below we will discuss a single system that can cause extensive water damages.

HVAC Systems and Water Damages

Your interior HVAC system is one of the components that keeps your home cool and warm, depending on the season. It can also cause you significant water damages if you are not careful. HVAC systems have a drip pan that catches condensation. If the drip pan becomes blocked, it can cause water to drip under your HVAC unit, into the floor, and even adjacent rooms. Without you realizing it, you could have water damages to more than one room, all thanks to your HVAC unit. While the repair is simple for your HVAC system, the water damages are not.

If the water damages were not discovered quickly, you would likely have damaged carpets and floors. Water can seep into your carpets and cause them to become discolored and damaged. If water seeps under your flooring, it will likely buckle or warp, causing unsightly damages. If you have water damages, you should have a water damage removal company remove the water and repair the damages. If you notice too late, it is likely mold will begin to grow.

Mold growth can cause major damages to walls, carpets, ceilings, and even floors. Mold damages these materials, and they will need to be entirely removed and the areas sanitized to stop the mold growth. If you notice mold stains, contact a company that removes hazardous materials. They will be able to handle the mold overgrowth and ensure mold does not continue to grow. Mold can cause severe allergies and breathing problems if not removed from the property!