Purchasing a home is a major life milestone. Your home is a place where you should feel safe. It is where you will have children and grow old. Finding the perfect home can be hard, but once you find it, you will know. After finding your home, what are some things you should do? The main thing is to have an asbestos inspection completed to ensure your home is in good condition and safe for you and your family. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some tips on what to do before you finalize the purchase on your new home.

  • Find a Certified Asbestos and Lead Paint Inspection Company

It is important that the company doing your lead and asbestos inspection is certified and insured. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has the certifications to do different tests to ensure your home is safe. We check for both lead paint and asbestos.

  • If the Home has Asbestos or Lead Paint, you will need to get an estimate for removal costs.

Getting a proper estimate for removal of asbestos and lead paint is important. You will need to negotiate this amount with the seller of the home. Either the seller will pay for the removal upfront or they will take a lower asking price on the home.

  • Find a Certified Asbestos and Lead Paint Removal Company

Before you have the asbestos or lead paint removed, it is very crucial that you find a company such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental. They will need to be certified, insured, and licensed to safely remove and dispose of asbestos and lead paint.

  • If you still want the home, it is crucial that you have any asbestos and lead removed from the home before you move in.

Never move into a home that has asbestos or lead paint. A certified asbestos or lead paint removal company will be able to quickly remove the threat and ensure it is safe for you to move in.