Water stains are usually a precursor to mold. If you have water stains, you have a leak or have experienced water damages to your property. Mold grows the best in the dark, warm, wet areas. Most leaks that occur happen in areas that you do not frequent. Attics and basements are two of the main areas of mold growth and water damages. If your ceiling has water stains, you have a leak in your roof or a broken pipe. It is crucial that you check your roof and hire a professional to find where the water damages are coming from. Without repairing the problem, you will continue to have mold growth and water damages. Both can lead to significant structural damages, like rot.

How Do I Know if it is Mold?

It is safe to assume if you have water stains, you have an overgrowth of mold somewhere on your property. Mold can cause symptoms that are similar to allergies. If you are having respiratory problems that do not go away, you may have mold. If you have a musty smell inside your home or business, it is likely to be mold. You will need to hire a hazardous removal company such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental to check your property for mold. Mold inspections are thorough yet straightforward. We will inspect your property and note if you have mold. If mold is present, you will need to have it removed by a certified mold removal company.

Can I Remove Mold?

The mold must be fully removed, and the area disinfected to ensure mold growth does not continue to occur. Mold removal can be quite extensive to ensure all mold-containing items are removed from the property. You should never attempt mold removal yourself. Mold is highly hazardous and can make you extremely ill. It is also hard to ensure complete removal without the proper tool and equipment. If you have mold, contact a hazardous material removal company for all your mold removal needs.