This winter has been harsh so far, and unfortunately, we have more to come. With severe winter weather, we usually see an influx of mold growth. This is generally from winter water damages that go overlooked and may not be found for months. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some tips to ensure you spot any water damages before they have a chance to turn into mold growth!

Check Attics and Basements

While this should be a given, most people do not check their attics and basement regularly. People often go months without even thinking about the attic or basement. During that amount of time, you could have experienced water damages that have now turned into significant structural damages, including the possibility of mold growth. Check your attic and basement at least once a week for any leaks.

Check the Roof

Keep an eye on your roof. If you see heavy snow or ice dams forming, you should call someone to remove it immediately. Ice dams are a major cause of water damages. This water will seep into your walls, where it goes unnoticed until you see mold stains occurring.

Keep an Eye on your Pipes

Exposed pipes can quickly become frozen. If you have a frozen pipe, don’t hesitate to call a professional. They will be able to repair the problem before any water damages can happen. Frozen pipes can cause significant water damages and future mold growth.

If you already have mold stains forming, call a hazardous materials removal company immediately. If you see mold stains, it means you have an overgrowth of mold and will need professional assistance. Never try to remove mold yourself. If any mold is left behind or the water damages are not repaired, mold will continue to grow. Hire a certified professional to ensure all mold is removed and that your water damages are cleaned up and repaired.