Fall will soon be ushering in the cooler weather. With the cooler weather comes holidays, which is exciting, but it can also bring in unwanted rodents. Rodents are a problem as the weather gets colder. They need a warm place to sleep, breed, and eat. Your cozy home is the perfect place for them, as they will have shelter and access to food and water. Once rodents are in your home, it is difficult to remove them, and you will need to call a professional to ensure all rodents are removed and that the area is cleaned, as rodents can harbor viruses and other diseases.

The best way to prevent rodents from entering your home is by checking your property. You will need to check the exterior and interior of your property for any damages, holes, or crevices. Rodents can easily squeeze themselves into tiny crevices that you might overlook.


Check Your Garage

One of the many places rodents will look is the inside of your garage. Your garage may be open for extended periods of time, making it the best place for rodents to enter. Once in your garage, they will try to enter your home through small cracks or holes. Check your garage for any damages or open areas that lead into your home.

Check The Structure of Your Property

Check the entire exterior structure of your property. Damages to siding, cracks in foundations, and even window damages can be the perfect entrance for rodents. If you have any damages, repair them as soon as possible.

Check Gutters and Roofs

Gutters and roofs can have small openings that lead into your attic. If you do not repair these, rodents will squeeze into your attic, which is an ideal place for them to live.

Trash Containers

Trash is one of the main reasons rodents take an interest in your home. If your trash is not in a sealed container, purchase one. This will act as a deterrence for rodents and other animals.

Interior Areas


Basements are one of the many places that rodents like to inhabit. There is a water source, it is dark, and rodents will have access to other home areas. Check your basement for any damages, cracks, or small holes. These can all act as an entry point into your home.


Rodents love attics. Attics are the most common areas where we see rodents. They have access to all areas of your home through your attic. Your attic is one of the least visited places in your home and the perfect home for rodents. Check your attic for any damages.

If you do have rodents on your property, always call a professional to remove them. Rodents have viruses and diseases that can be transmitted through feces, urine, and bites.