Older commercial buildings have been in the news recently and not for a good reason. As commercial buildings become older, they are being demolished to make room for bigger and better buildings. While this is not a problem, the end result of the demolition can cause major health problems. Asbestos is all over the news, on billboards, and even in commercials. Asbestos awareness is at an all-time high, which is great news in our quest to save people from asbestos exposure.

Older Buildings and Asbestos

Most older buildings have asbestos-containing materials. While these buildings may have been remodeled at some point, it doesn’t mean asbestos was removed. Many times, asbestos-containing materials are left inside the buildings. These materials could be insulation, adhesives, and even roofing. Newer laws and regulations now prevent the demolition of older buildings until an asbestos test is completed. This is great news and can save thousands of people from exposure. Asbestos fibers are tiny and can float through the air, entering homes along the way.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is completed by a certified asbestos removal company like Colorado Hazardous Environmental. If the commercial building has asbestos, then it will need to be removed by asbestos contractors. Asbestos contractors know how to seal off areas to remove asbestos safely. They are able to contain the asbestos and dispose of it properly. They also have the proper suits and respirators to ensure no one is exposed. Once asbestos is removed, they will be able to demolition the building as planned. If you own an older building, it may be a good idea to have an asbestos test completed. This way, you will be prepared if you decide to remodel or to demolition your commercial building. Asbestos exposure should be the main concern, as it can cause cancer and eventually death. Play it safe and have the test completed on your older buildings.