Crime and suicide scenes can both leave you shaken, but they can also leave you with hazardous materials on your property. No one ever wants to have a suicide or crime scene on their property, but it does occur. If you do, it is essential to wait for the police to clear the area, then contact a hazardous materials removal company. Colorado Hazardous Environmental provides cleanup for all types of materials, including blood, bodily fluids, tear gas, and other medical items that may be at the scene.

Crime Scenes

Crime scenes can have a lot of hazardous materials depending on the situation. There could be blood and bodily fluids, which could contain pathogens. You never want to clean up these items. There may also be tear gas and pepper spray, both of these can cause lasting effects if you come into contact with either. It is important not to enter the area if these items were used. If there was a medical emergency, there may also be needles and other medical supplies, all of which could be hazardous to your health.

Suicide Scenes

Suicides are your worst nightmare, but it is always good to be prepared if one occurs. If you have a suicide on your property, it is important never to attempt cleanup after the police have cleared the area. Always call a professional to clean up the hazardous materials. Suicides can have different hazardous materials, including bodily fluids, blood, gunpowder, and even needles. You never want to handle these items, as they could be an irritant or have viruses or pathogens on them.

If you have a crime or suicide scene on your property, always contact the police first. Once the police have given permission, your next steps should be to contact a hazardous materials cleanup company. They have the proper tools, clothing, and cleaning agents to ensure your property is free from all hazardous materials and that it is safe to return.