Unfortunately, crime scenes do happen on commercial properties. No one wants to talk about it or live it, but it is a sad reality. What happens if your commercial property was the scene of a crime? Who cleans up the mess? Is it safe to clean up? Could it be harmful? Crime scenes can contain a lot of harmful substances that should never be cleaned by a non-certified hazardous materials cleanup company. Below we will discuss a few substances that should be left to the professionals.

Blood and other Bodily Fluids

Many crime scenes will contain blood and other bodily fluids. This should only be removed by professionals with the proper equipment to do so. Blood can contain viruses, bacteria, and other diseases that can make you very ill. Never touch blood or other bodily fluid. Always call a professional.

Tear Gas

Tear gas is often used in crime scenes, and the lingering effects can cause problems. If your commercial property contains tear gas, call a hazardous materials cleanup company. They can ensure all tear gas is removed from the property and that the lingering gas will not affect you, your employees, or clients.

Needles and Other Emergency Medical Supplies

If a crime scene happens at your business, there was likely medical personnel called in. They will often times leave a mess, as they are trying to save a life. Never pick up needles or other medical supplies. They are likely contaminated and may contain disease or illness. Play it safe and call the professionals.

If your commercial property has turned into a crime scene, wait for the cops to release your property and call a hazardous materials cleanup company. They will handle the dirty work while you recover from the chaos.