Crime and trauma scenes are often not talked about, but the cleanup is a necessary part of the process, especially in helping people move on from the scariness of the situation. Crime scenes and traumas in homes and businesses are devastating but occur daily in the United States. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is here to help clean up the biohazards, which will help our clients move on from the horrifying events.

Crime Scenes

Crime scenes are scary. The aftermath can be just as damaging as the crime itself. If your property has fallen victim to a crime, you will not only be left with the memory but also biohazards. Cleaning biohazards should always be left to the professionals, as they have the proper equipment to safely remove the items and clean the area, making it safe again. Tear gas and pepper spray are two of the main biohazards that are found after a crime scene has been secured. Tear gas and pepper spray can irritate the eyes and cause respiratory problems. You should never enter an area where pepper spray and tear gas has been used.

Trauma Scenes

Trauma scenes can be heartbreaking. From shootings to suicide and major injuries, trauma scenes leave a lasting effect on everyone involved. Our job is to make our clients feel comfortable while cleaning up any biohazards, including blood, bodily fluids, needles, and other medical equipment. No one wants to discuss a trauma scene, but cleaning the area and making it safe and presentable is one of the jobs that helps our clients move on with their lives.

We are sensitive to our clients when dealing with trauma and crime scenes and will do our best to ensure they feel comfortable and safe during the interaction. We will answer any questions and take the time needed to ensure the job is done correctly, all while making our clients feel safe.