Cooler Weather and Rodent Infestation

Cooler Weather doesn’t just mean great food, family, and friends. It may be a time for holidays, but it is also a time to watch for rodent infestation. When the weather begins to get cooler, rodents start looking for a warm place to stay. Many times, this means people’s homes. How do you stop mice and other pests from entering your home and staying for the Winter? Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some tips to keep your home rodent free.

Check for Holes in Your Attic and Basement

Your attic and basement are the most likely places for critters to enter. It is dark and usually has a tiny hole or crack leading to the outside. Rodents are able to squeeze through tiny cracks. Inspect your attic and basement to make sure you see no cracks. If you do, patch them up as soon as possible.

Make Sure Your Exterior is Secure

Windows and doors that do not close properly are the perfect way for small mammals to enter your home. If you have noticed your windows are slightly off track or that your doors have a tiny gap, have them repaired. They not only will let pests enter, but also the cold air.

Check the Interior of Your Home

If you notice any small holes around your home, patch them up. These holes could lead to the outside. If they do, you may let rodents and other creatures inside. Be safe and repair any holes as soon as you find them.

Check Your Foundation

Tiny cracks in your foundation may not seem like a major deal, but unwelcome visitors can easily squeeze through and enter your home. If you see foundation cracks, have them repaired as soon as you can.

If after this, if you notice droppings or food missing, call a professional such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental for rodent infestation cleanup. They will be able to properly and safely remove the rodents from your home and clean up any droppings or urine. Urine and droppings can be hazardous to your health, as it can contain bacteria and viruses.

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