Older commercial properties most likely contain asbestos fibers in the construction materials. As older buildings begin to deteriorate or need to be destroyed to make room for a newer building, problems can arise. Some certain laws and regulations must be followed before a commercial property can go ahead with the demolition process. Asbestos testing and other rules must be followed and completed by a certified and licensed hazardous materials specialist. Below we will discuss the process and what should be completed before commercial demolition to ensure safety from asbestos exposure.

Asbestos Testing

Asbestos testing is required for all older buildings before demolition occurs. The demolition process can cause asbestos fibers to enter the air and float to other properties in the immediate area. This can cause asbestos exposure to a lot of unsuspecting people. Asbestos testing is completed before the demolition process to ensure the safety of workers and people in the area. If the property contains asbestos, certain precautions will need to be taken.

Commercial Property Demolition and Asbestos

If the commercial property has asbestos, then certified asbestos removal specialists would need to secure the area before demolition can occur. If a commercial property has asbestos, the demolition process will be much more difficult. Areas will need to be sealed off to ensure no asbestos fibers escape. Workers will wear respirators and special suits.

The asbestos-containing materials will need to be sealed for removal and disposal. It is illegal to dispose of any asbestos-containing materials without proper licenses.
Commercial demolition with asbestos must be completed by asbestos and hazardous material companies with certifications. This is a law that was put in place to ensure the safety of everyone in the area from asbestos exposure. Asbestos exposure can cause cancers and severe respiratory issues. Before you demolition, any older buildings contact an asbestos removal specialist.