Water stains happen after water damages, but do water stains mean you have mold growth? Mold occurs even if a tiny drop of water is left behind. Therefore, you should call a hazardous materials cleanup company such as Colorado Hazardous Environmental for all water damages. They have equipment and tools to locate water behind walls and beneath floors, making it easy to find the water and remove it before structural damages and mold occur!

Is It Mold?

If you see water stains on your wall or ceiling of your business, there is a massive chance that mold has begun to breed and grow. If you do not catch water leaks as soon as they occur, you will most likely have to deal with mold. Water stains usually occur over time as more water accumulates. If you see water stains, call a hazardous materials removal specialist to check for mold.

Can I Remove the Mold?

If you see mold stains in your business, you already have a mold problem. These biological hazards will have grown and spread between your walls, in attics, basement, and even inside your crawlspaces. Once the mold is visible as a mold stain, it means you have a significant colony. You will need to contact a specialist immediately to find the source of the leak and remove the mold. If all mold is not completely removed, it will continue to breed and grow, and you will need to have it removed again. By calling a professional to perform a complete remediation throughout your business, you are guaranteed that it will be eradicated.

If you have water damages or mold stains, never hesitate to call a hazardous materials company or read more on https://coloradoasbestosandlead.com/hazardous-materials-removal/. They will be able to remove all water, repair leaks, and confirm all mold is removed!