Commercial Buildings and Asbestos

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Commercial buildings and asbestos-containing materials go hand in hand. Most older commercial buildings contain the substance. Asbestos has been used since the beginning of time, as it is a naturally occurring fiber. People found how strong and fire resistant it was, and have used it ever since. Some newer commercial buildings still contain fibers. Asbestos [...]

Rodent and other Dangerous Animal Removal and Cleanup

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With Fall and Winter on the way, it is no surprise that wild animals will begin to find shelter. Unfortunately, that place could be your property. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has the information you need to understand the dangers of rodents and other animals in your home and what you should do. What are signs of [...]

Asbestos Home Testing – The Importance

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Asbestos testing isn’t new, testing for asbestos has been around for a while. Until recently, asbestos wasn’t considered to be a major problem. Now that people are becoming sick from asbestos-related illnesses, you are seeing more information in the media about this hazardous substance. Fibers composed of this mineral were used in many construction materials [...]

Hazardous Materials – What Warrants a Call to the Professionals?

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What exactly is a hazardous material? Most people are unsure. When doing a renovation or a home project, it is easy to get carried away and not realize you are handling a hazardous material. Below Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss a few materials that are considered hazardous and that should only be removed by a [...]

Winter Snow Can Lead to Asbestos Exposure!

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Winter is in full swing and so are the snowstorms. With the enormous amount of snowfall and the severe winter storms, you could have damages to your home. We know you are confused and wondering what storm damages have to do with asbestos exposure. Trust us, it does. Below Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss the [...]

Asbestos Testing and Your Business!

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Asbestos is a natural fiber that is highly dangerous to humans. It has been used in construction materials for decades. It was perfect because of the heat-resistant properties and its durability. However, over time, it was determined that this particular mineral caused devastating illnesses, like cancer and even death. Laws were passed, and it seemed [...]

Asbestos Removal – What You Need to Know!

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Asbestos truly is the silent killer. You cannot tell if your home contains the substance by just looking. You may think your home is free of it, but you could be wrong. Exposure can lead to severe illness. It is no secret. Commercials and social media explode daily with asbestos horror stories that detail its dangers. [...]

Mold Illnesses- What to Do!

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Mold can affect your household and make everyone sick. Sometimes you cannot see or smell mold. Mold has a way of hiding in dark and damp areas. Once you see or smell mold, it means you have a mold infestation that will need to be removed by a professional. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has information on [...]

Symptoms of Lead Exposure

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Lead poisoning should be a thing of the past, but sadly, it isn’t. Lead is still in paint and sometimes even on imported toys. Children and pregnant women are especially sensitive to lead, and many symptoms can develop. To protect your children from lead, you should have a test completed on your home. A lead [...]