Asbestos Testing and Your Business!

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Asbestos is a natural fiber that is highly dangerous to humans. It has been used in construction materials for decades. It was perfect because of the heat-resistant properties and its durability. However, over time, it was determined that this particular mineral caused devastating illnesses, like cancer and even death. Laws were passed, and it seemed [...]

Cooler Weather and Rodent Infestation

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Cooler Weather doesn’t just mean great food, family, and friends. It may be a time for holidays, but it is also a time to watch for rodent infestation. When the weather begins to get cooler, rodents start looking for a warm place to stay. Many times, this means people’s homes. How do you stop mice [...]

Mold Illnesses- What to Do!

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Mold can affect your household and make everyone sick. Sometimes you cannot see or smell mold. Mold has a way of hiding in dark and damp areas. Once you see or smell mold, it means you have a mold infestation that will need to be removed by a professional. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has information on [...]

Burning and Asbestos Exposure

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Residents in rural areas burn a lot of unwanted items, instead of having them disposed of professionally. This can cause major problems for people in the area. Some items are banned from being burned. However, when it comes to asbestos, it is hard to know if an item contains it. Without a test for asbestos [...]

Preventing Summer Mold

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Mold flourishes during the summer months. The warmer temperatures accompanied by moisture makes the perfect breeding ground for mold. Colorado Hazardous Environmental wants to protect your home from unwanted mold. With our simple tips, you can prevent mold growth in your home. We all know mold is dangerous and can make you sick, but what [...]

When You Need an Asbestos Professional

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Asbestos always requires a certified asbestos removal company. Asbestos can only be spotted through accurate testing completed by a professional. Asbestos is known to cause severe illnesses such as respiratory problems, lung diseases, and cancer. Your home should be tested if you believe it contains this hazardous material. Below, Colorado Hazardous Environmental will give you [...]

Moisture and Mold

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Mold and moisture go hand in hand. Mold needs moisture to grow. Mold grows naturally and does the job it was intended to do- decompose. These organisms break down biological compounds made with carbon and is an essential part of the Earth’s sustainability. However, when it comes to your home, it does its job too well. [...]

How Mold Affects Us

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Mold is not only dangerous to our health but also our homes. Mold growth can spread quickly throughout your home, causing it to eat away at our walls, floors, and ceilings continuously. It will destroy the integrity of the structure of your home if left untreated. Mold can cause permanent damages to our home, and [...]

Renovations, Asbestos, and Mold Exposure

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Renovations can be stressful, but also exciting. Are you prepared for your next renovation? Has your home been checked for mold and asbestos? Both mold and asbestos are very hazardous to your health and should only be removed by a certified professional. Before a remodel, your home should be checked for both mold and asbestos. [...]