Summer Humidity Means More Mold Growth

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Summer means sunny skies and great weather, but it can also spell disaster for your home. With the heat of Summer comes humidity. Humidity can cause problems inside your home. Mold grows faster during the warmer months because of the humidity. As the air becomes more humid, it causes condensation to build up in different [...]

Is Your Illness Mold Related or Allergies?

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Mold, seasonal allergies, and even asbestos-related illnesses can all have the same symptoms. How do you distinguish if you have season allergies or a hazardous material in your home or business? There are a few ways to determine if you have regular seasonal allergies or hazardous material on your property. Below, we will discuss mold [...]

Insulation, Asbestos, and Rodents

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Your basement or attic could have hazardous materials without you knowing. Asbestos is commonly found in these areas, and rodents love to make nests in basements and attics. Below, we will discuss the hazards of asbestos in insulation, as well as rodents in the home. Insulation and Asbestos Homes that were built before the late [...]

Help, I have Water Stains In My Home! – Do I Have Mold?

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Water stains are usually a precursor to mold. If you have water stains, you have a leak or have experienced water damages to your property. Mold grows the best in the dark, warm, wet areas. Most leaks that occur happen in areas that you do not frequent. Attics and basements are two of the main [...]

Hazardous Materials Removal – Call a Professional!

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In today's world, anything is possible, thanks to the internet. You can research anything you wish and find videos to help you. Unfortunately, people are using the internet to help them "safely" remove hazardous materials from their homes. We get calls each year from people wanting to remove hazardous materials themselves. Hazardous materials are dangerous [...]

Remodeling Your Home? Check for Lead Paint!

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Shocking as it may sound, lead paint is still being found in houses and businesses throughout the United States. Lead paint is very hazardous to young children, the elderly, and pregnant women. If you live in an older house, even if it has been remodeled, it should be tested for lead paint. While you may [...]

Snowmelt Can Cause Major Sewage Problems!

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With the heavy snows can come significant storm damages, but one is often overlooked. Heavy snows can cause water damages, but it can also cause major sewage problems on the interior and exterior of your property. With excessive snowmelt, your sewage can become clogged and overflow in other areas. Sewage not only smells terrible, but [...]

Crime Scene Cleanup and Your Commercial Property

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Unfortunately, crime scenes do happen on commercial properties. No one wants to talk about it or live it, but it is a sad reality. What happens if your commercial property was the scene of a crime? Who cleans up the mess? Is it safe to clean up? Could it be harmful? Crime scenes can contain [...]

Scurrying in the Attic – Rodent Removal Safety

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Winter is here, and with it can come unwanted rodents in your home. While rodent infestations can happen at any time of the year, Winter is a common time. Rodents are trying to find a warm environment with food and water. Our homes are the perfect spot for them. Unfortunately, rodents can cause damages to [...]