The Hazards Of Asbestos

2021-10-06T21:22:17+00:00September 17th, 2021|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Asbestos has a lot of different hazardous to people. As you have noticed through commercials, billboards, and the media, asbestos is dangerous. It causes cancer and can cause death. With that in mind, we are going to discuss some hazards of asbestos so that you are more knowledgeable when it comes to asbestos and the [...]

Asbestos – How Much Exposure Is Dangerous?

2020-05-15T19:41:55+00:00May 4th, 2020|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Asbestos exposure is linked to mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. All of the above are serious illnesses caused by asbestos exposure. Laws and regulations make it less likely that you become exposed to asbestos, but the threat is still there and will continue to be, as long as the United States does not ban asbestos. [...]

Should I be Worried About Asbestos in My Home?

2019-07-05T21:59:51+00:00July 5th, 2019|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information, Household Tips, Service Info|

Is asbestos exposure a really big deal? Should I actually be worried? Can it really be harmful to my health? The answer to all of these questions is yes! Asbestos in your home is a major concern. Asbestos fibers are not just harmful; they can be deadly. Asbestos fibers aren’t visible like mold stains. Asbestos [...]

Asbestos Facts-What is The Truth?

2018-02-08T20:30:54+00:00February 8th, 2018|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Commercials, newspapers, and social media are full of information about asbestos. It is hard to figure out what is the true and what is false. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is here to set the record straight. We have five truths about asbestos that you have probably never heard. Our job is to educate the public about [...]

Asbestos-Related Illnesses and Cooler Weather

2017-10-18T03:32:35+00:00October 18th, 2017|Asbestos Illness Information|

Cooler weather may be welcomed by many, but not for sufferers of asbestos-related illnesses. People who suffer from such illnesses struggle during the Fall and Winter months. Many of these difficulties consist of respiratory problems. Colorado Hazardous Environmental understand the issues and has tips to keep you safe this Winter. Dress Warm Dealing with an [...]

Asbestos and Your Health

2017-09-22T21:18:13+00:00July 7th, 2017|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Asbestos is a natural growing fiber that has been used for centuries. It became a miracle fiber that was durable and fire resistant. This made it highly sought after for construction materials. Over the years, people realized that asbestos caused major illnesses, including cancer and death. The majority of construction materials containing the material has been [...]

Asbestos and Mesothelioma

2017-09-22T21:25:05+00:00May 11th, 2017|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Asbestos is dangerous. We hear about it through every media source imaginable, but is it dangerous? Is mesothelioma really as bad as everyone says? The answer is, YES! Asbestos exposure causes mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a very aggressive form of cancer that only affects those exposed to asbestos. Asbestos exposure also causes a wide range of [...]

Asbestos and Cancer

2017-09-22T21:26:06+00:00April 21st, 2017|Asbestos Illness Information, Asbestos Information|

Asbestos has been used for centuries and was known to cause illnesses in the early years of use. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has information to help you understand asbestos exposure and its dangers.  Illnesses did not stop people from using it, mainly because of the many benefits asbestos had. It was considered a miracle fiber because [...]

Mesothelioma and Teachers

2017-09-22T21:28:08+00:00February 10th, 2017|Asbestos Illness Information|

When you think of occupations that are likely to have asbestos exposure, teachers aren’t high on the list, if at all. However, due to asbestos being used in classrooms, teachers are beginning to be diagnosed with illnesses caused by asbestos. Schools that are older have a larger chance of asbestos being used as the main [...]

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