The Different Types of Asbestos and Your Health

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Did you know that there are several different types of asbestos in the world? Most people do not realize this, but all asbestos is hazardous to your health. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is here to explain the different types so that you have better knowledge of the dangers of asbestos exposure. There are two main categories [...]

What Should You Look for In an Asbestos and Hazardous Removal Company?

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When it comes to hazardous materials it is crucial that you find the best company for the job. Hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, mold, blood, sewage, and rodents can cause serious diseases and illnesses. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has the right information so you can make an educated decision regarding your choice of companies. Are [...]

Home Buying, Asbestos and Lead Paint – What You Should Know

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Purchasing a home is a major life milestone. Your home is a place where you should feel safe. It is where you will have children and grow old. Finding the perfect home can be hard, but once you find it, you will know. After finding your home, what are some things you should do? The [...]

Hazardous Materials – What Warrants a Call to the Professionals?

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What exactly is a hazardous material? Most people are unsure. When doing a renovation or a home project, it is easy to get carried away and not realize you are handling a hazardous material. Below Colorado Hazardous Environmental will discuss a few materials that are considered hazardous and that should only be removed by a [...]

Finding the Right Hazardous Materials Removal Company

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Hazardous materials are dangerous. They can make you ill and can cause illnesses in the future. If you are needing a hazardous materials removal company then it is important that they meet a certain criterion. You should never just pick this type of business because it is the first one you see, or that they [...]

The Roofing and Insulation of Your Home Could Have Asbestos

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Asbestos can be virtually anywhere in your home. You have hard about the dangers of it being in your ceiling or tile, but the most common place is your roofing and insulation. You may think it is no big deal, because you are not exposed to your insulation and your roofing is outside. WRONG! You [...]

Asbestos Removal in Older Buildings

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Asbestos has been used for centuries. Asbestos was used for construction, textiles, and even home décor by our ancestors. With that being said, there is no surprise that asbestos was used in all older buildings in the United States. Asbestos-containing materials was used in buildings as late as the 90s. Your business could contain hazardous [...]

Remodels and the Dangers

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The time of year for remodels is right around the corner! Remodels are usually a fun and exciting time. However, they can turn into a disaster quickly. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some tips to ensure you remain safe throughout the process. Mold Mold loves to hide in dark areas that attract moisture. A lot of [...]

Asbestos Facts-What is The Truth?

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Commercials, newspapers, and social media are full of information about asbestos. It is hard to figure out what is the true and what is false. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is here to set the record straight. We have five truths about asbestos that you have probably never heard. Our job is to educate the public about [...]