Asbestos Removal in Older Buildings

Asbestos has been used for centuries. Asbestos was used for construction, textiles, and even home décor by our ancestors. With that being said, there is no surprise that asbestos was used in all older buildings in the United States. Asbestos-containing materials was used in buildings as late as the 90s. Your business could contain hazardous fibers, and you would never know. Your employees and clients could be exposed daily. Without the proper testing there is no way to know for sure if your building does have this mineral substance. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has answers to all of your questions below!

Where Could Asbestos Be in My Building?

When you purchase an office building, they will likely paint and fix some minor damages. This leaves the asbestos still hiding inside your office building. Where could it be? Below are the more common items that contain asbestos:

  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Caulking
  • Adhesives
  • Wall Paper

The above are items that were most likely not disturbed during a small renovation. The most common place for asbestos is in insulation and roofing. These two areas are usually not renovated, unless there are damages.

Could I be at Risk for Asbestos Exposure?

Yes! Asbestos could be in any of the above areas. If the building material breaks down from regular wear and tear, then you are exposed. You, your clients, and employees can easily be exposed if your office contains asbestos. The best thing to do is hire an asbestos removal company. They will check your office from top to bottom and find any asbestos that could be hiding. Never try to remove asbestos yourself, as you need proper equipment and clothing to safely remove and dispose of asbestos. It is important to have an asbestos test completed on your office if it is older. The chances are high that it contains asbestos.

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