Hazardous materials come on all forms. From liquids to solids, there are hazardous materials everywhere. Today, we will discuss a few common hazardous materials that could be in your home. Asbestos, mold, and sewage are three hazardous materials that range in severity. Each one has its own dangers, and all need to be removed by hazardous material professionals like Colorado Hazardous Environmental.


Of the three, asbestos is the most hazardous of the materials. Asbestos was used in a lot of materials for construction purposes. Asbestos could be in your drywall, insulation, roofing, and even tile. Asbestos causes life-threatening illnesses like cancer. Mesothelioma is caused only by asbestos exposure. It can affect your lungs, heart, and stomach. If your property has asbestos, it is crucial that you contact a hazardous materials removal company. It is illegal and dangerous to attempt removal without the proper equipment and licenses.


Mold usually forms after water damages have occurred on a property. Mold needs a dark and damp area, and it will flourish. Mold stains and a musty smell are telltale signs that you have a mold problem. Mold can cause severe allergies and rashes. Mold is hard to remove altogether. A professional will need to remove all materials containing mold and then clean the area so that no new mold spores will grow.


Sewage can happen inside your home or on the exterior. Both are bad and hazardous to your health. Sewage can come in all colors, even clear. While you may not think clear sewage is a danger to you, it can still contain viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens. If you have sewage on your property, it is essential to contact a professional for removal. Sewage not only smells but can make you very ill.

If you have any hazardous materials on your property, contact a hazardous materials removal company to remove and dispose of any hazardous materials safely.