Asbestos-containing materials are still in some construction materials used in the United States. Asbestos-containing materials aren’t as widespread as they were decades ago, but they do still exist. The mineral is still hazardous to your health and can cause cancer and death. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some information to keep you and your family safe. Most people assume that their homes or businesses are free from these fibers because they are newer. This is far from truth.

Asbestos Testing

Before you purchase a home or business an asbestos test should be completed. When you are looking at a new property the farthest thing from your mind is asbestos. You already have inspections that are completed before purchasing, but none of those are for asbestos. Even newer properties could contain trace amounts of asbestos. It is best to play it safe and have a certified and insured asbestos removal company complete an asbestos test. Asbestos testing could save the lives of many.

Before Remodels, Check for Asbestos

Even though your home or business is newer, you should still have the property checked for asbestos. This is especially the case if you are planning any remodels or renovations. Renovations should be a fun part of property ownership, but it can turn into a nightmare if there are asbestos-containing materials. A single asbestos fiber can cause major health damages to your family. The only way to be certain that your property is safe, is through asbestos testing. A simple test can easily save you a lifetime of illnesses from asbestos.
If your new home or business does contain asbestos, don’t fret. Colorado Hazardous Environmental is here to help you every step of the way. If you are still in the purchasing phase, you can easily talk to the current seller about asbestos removal. If you own the property let us help you. We can safely remove and dispose of asbestos for you!