Asbestos has been around for a very long time. Centuries ago it was mined and used for pottery, clothing, and insulation. It has been used since about 3000 BC and was found to be dangerous not so long after that. Even though it is known to be hazardous, the United States began to use it in construction materials. Recent laws and regulations have become tighter on the use of asbestos but are still legal in the United States. It was used in both residential and large industrial buildings, but we still find asbestos-containing materials to this day. Asbestos is known to cause illnesses such as cancer. It causes Mesothelioma and Lung cancer, as well as respiratory illnesses. Frighten as it may be, asbestos exposure does not show symptoms right away. It can be decades before you show signs of illness.

Asbestos fibers were mined and used by the Egyptians, Romans, and Persians. Around 50 AD, a Roman scholar named this miracle fiber asbestos. The United States began using asbestos in the 1800s and it was patented for use in construction materials. By 1906 the first mention of an asbestos-related illness was confirmed in a medical journal. In 1979, the EPA confirmed that asbestos was indeed a carcinogen and laws and regulations begin to be enacted to protect workers.

Asbestos has been causing illnesses for centuries and is still being used in trace amounts throughout the United States. If you own a home or business, having an asbestos test completed may be the smartest move you make. Asbestos fibers are so tiny that they can be ingested through your nose and mouth. Years later, you could develop cancer or severe respiratory problems. Play it safe and protect your home and business from asbestos exposure. For more information on asbestos, asbestos-related illnesses, and asbestos removal check out our site or give us a call.