Holidays and Asbestos Dangers

2017-09-22T21:31:22+00:00November 30th, 2016|Asbestos Information|

Holidays should be a time of festivity, not asbestos exposure. Colorado Hazardous Environmental has some valuable information on some common holiday items that could contain asbestos. For your awareness and the well-being of your family, it is important to stay up to date on all asbestos related news. Below are some things to check this [...]

Steps You Should Take to Prevent Lead or Asbestos Exposure

2017-09-22T21:31:43+00:00November 23rd, 2016|Asbestos Information, Hazardous Materials Info|

Asbestos and lead are in the news daily. It is always portrayed in a negative light. Many people question the validity of the claims they read about and see on the news. Lead paint and asbestos exposure is a real problem, and it affects thousands of Americans each day. Lead paint and asbestos were both [...]

Lead-based Paint and Your Home

2017-09-22T21:31:58+00:00November 18th, 2016|Hazardous Materials Info|

Lead was a common material used in paints because of its durability and pigment. This was until they found out about the adverse effects of lead exposure. Paints with lead were used in houses until the 80s. Many homes built in the 80s look new because of remodels. It is important to research your home [...]

Asbestos Could be in Your Roofing

2017-09-22T21:32:12+00:00November 11th, 2016|Asbestos Information|

Your roof is what protects your home from the elements. It is put through a lot and over time can begin to break down. This is a normal part of your roofs life. The shingles will begin to break or chip. They may blow off your roof on a windy day, or during a storm. [...]

Asbestos, Lead Paint, Mold, and Remodeling

2017-09-22T21:32:31+00:00November 4th, 2016|Hazardous Materials Info|

Remodeling should be a time of excitement, but it can turn into a major disaster if your home has asbestos. Asbestos can be hidden in many places, sometimes in plain sight. When doing any type of remodels, it is important to ensure your home or business is asbestos free. There are different ways of handling [...]

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